Picking The Right Motoring Solicitor

A good law firm will have specialists in various fields of the law. If you’re involved in a motoring offence, then you will require the services of a motoring solicitor. If the accident was severe, then you will need the expertise of such a specialist whether you are at fault or not.

If the accident you were involved in was a fatal one, it is imperative to ensure that the solicitor you choose is not only experienced in such cases but also fully conversant with the pedestrian and motoring law. The penalties of this kind of an offence are stringent, and so, the guidance of a professional motoring solicitor is necessary to help you through the legal system’s stages.

motoring solicitor

If the accident you were involved in is severe enough to warrant jail time, your legal representative will be able to work by your side to offer legitimate grounds and even lodge an appeal to any sentence. Your solicitor will assess your situation and suggest the right course of action with the potential of minimised fines that could be waived on appeal.

The use of phones while driving has become one of the most common motoring offences. This has been against the law for over a decade, but drivers still do it, thus endangering the lives of others. However, there are hands-free devices today, and drivers usually get confused over this law. These types of offences are often hard to prove since there are exceptions like using a mobile phone during an emergency.

Another leading cause of accidents is speeding. Speed cameras are everywhere, and numerous drivers have been fined after being caught by these systems. There are rules in place regarding the extent of speed. The cameras are there to help minimise accidents and so, if you wish to fight any ticket issued due to overspeeding, then you should seek legal advice from a motoring solicitor.

Road speed cameras come in various types, and they are subject to varying rules. Your attorney will be able to tell whether or not the police have adhered to the rules in each specific case. If the solicitor is aware of those rules, they can be able to invalidate any ticket issued.

Drinking and driving is another serious motoring offence and one of the primary causes of road accidents today. It usually seems to be a straightforward case when a person is stopped and accused of driving while intoxicated. However, not all assessments are accurate. A reliable lawyer that specialises in motoring law will be able to examine the evidence and advise you on the next course of action. Keep in mind that an initial charge doesn’t necessarily mean you will be prosecuted.

A competent motoring offence solicitor will work on your behalf in any situation regarding motoring law. So, if you have been fined or arrested, you should immediately contact your lawyer to help reduce the repercussions of the offence. Of course, you will need to do your homework as not all lawyers are reliable.