Important Facts You Need To Know About Professional Negligence Claims Against Solicitors

Professional negligence solicitors pursue claims against the solicitors who failed to perform their jobs well. They have substantial experience in handling the claims against those advocates who have been negligent in performing their duties. If you think that you have a case and wish to sue the solicitor, it is crucial to receive an expert guidance for the respective claim. Due to the poor legal advice that solicitors give nowadays, there is a rise in professional negligence claims against the solicitors.

There can be various reasons for filing professional negligence claim against a solicitor

We usually see the solicitors providing advice in areas where they have no idea. This is common when the negligence case relates to medical negligence and personal injury. The following may be some of the reasons for hiring a solicitor against a solicitor:

  • It may happen that the solicitor has under settled the medical negligence claim or medical claim
  • If the lawyer has missed out on the limitation date when it comes to contesting personal injury, challenging a will or missed out professional negligence claim
  • If he caused the claim to be struck by the court as such
  • If he made errors in drafting the will or has failed to administer an estate as per the wishes of the deceased